Widespread delivery, thanks to the excellent distribution strategy!

In today’s digitally connected age, the world seems to be getting closer day by day. There are products that are made to cater to the needs of industries and engineering companies, but these products are all meant to have a ‘globally accepted’ standard of quality. From products that are crafted to the machinery used to create them, all the way down to the kind of bearings, belts, greases and Lubricants used in the machinery for its smooth functioning – all this must keep a high standard of quality and be made available for companies across the globe.

This is where the strength of a widespread distribution network helps. With organizations such as Gulf Worldwide Bearings (GWB) and others, the most critical focus for bearings, belts, greases and lubricants manufacturers is ensuring that a line-up of products is made available easily and without hassles when deliveries are to be done outside the country.

By having distribution centres in China, India and the UAE, Gulf Worldwide Bearings have the advantage of bringing expertise and knowledge to their delivery network. The centres of distribution have a huge range of products that GWB imports. Since their headquarters are in the Jebel Ali Free Zone since 1994, they are one of the leading distributors of automotive and industrial bearings in the Middle East.

What makes for a leading distributor?

  • Massive stock of products available
  • Systemized production and distribution channel
  • Reduced downtime for deliveries across the globe
  • An efficient process for getting bearings delivered to industrial and
  • manufacturing companies in different countries

How does GWB maintain quality in the products (bearings, belts, greases and lubricants) it imports?

  • Ground-level work is done when selecting factories to produce and import bearings from
  • Factories that meet ISO requirements, quality parameters and location requirements in accordance with distribution are taken up as partners by GWB.
  • A wide range of products are brought out by GWB, and factories are audited on a yearly basis.
  • Distributors are provided with certification, and quality checks are done to provide assurance to purchasing companies and industrial requirements.
  • New distributors are added across the world.
  • A wide range of products can be made available in one shipment. So customers get the advantage of selecting products according to their requirement.
  • The logistics partners for GWB are hand-picked to ensure that quality service is maintained at every location.

Therefore, as an organization looking to bring in high-quality products in any part of the world, Gulf Worldwide Bearings can be a strong distribution partner.

Stationed at essential locations in China, India and the UAE, its distribution strategy ensures that products can reach your factories or industrial organization on-time, with relatively fewer hassles.

All You Need to Know About V-Belts

V-belts might really just seem relatively inconsequential and simple pieces of equipment. But that is hardly true!

V-Belts are belts with trapezoidal cross-sections that are used to transmit power or torque from the engine (the driver component) to the ancillary components (driven component). In simpler words, v-belts are torque transmitters.

Having gone through tremendous technological advancements in recent years, they have been widely used in automobiles & for industrial applications due to their power transmitting capacity.

Key Components of a V-Belt

V-belts are called so because of their cross-section that resembles the letter ‘V’.
The components/ constructional aspects that help a v-belt perform its function as intended. Some of them are:

  • Base Rubber Compound: It is a special rubber compound that is responsible for providing shape to the v-belt. It also acts as a compression medium, thus absorbing shocks during any power transmission.
  • Tensile Members: These includes the steel wires/cords inside the rubber that provide the required strength to the v-belt for the transmission.
  • Protective Cover: A layer of plastic that provides protection against the heat that is generated due to the rapid movement of the v-belts in machines.

V-belts come in different types, namely Classic V-Belts, Narrow V-Belts, Double Angle V-Belts, Raw-Edge V-Belts, Ribbed V-belts, etc. They can further be classified into five categories ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’, and ‘E’ based on the cross-sectional size and the amount of power that is to be transmitted by the belt.

Advantages of V-Belts

V-Belts are commonly used for industrial applications because of the wide range of benefits associated with them. Some of these are:

  • Transmission of higher torque with lesser width and tension.
  • Capacity to function at high speeds ranging between 5 to 30 m/s.
  • Relative low cost.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Availability of a wide range of sizes for various applications.
  • Suitable for certain heavy-duty applications, including shock and high starting loads.

KYK offers a variety of V-belts for a wide range of applications. Not only does it offer such an assortment of V-belts but also keeps them ready in stock for immediate dispatch for businesses across the world!

GWB’s Consolidated Shipping Facility- Skip the Hassle!

At Gulf Worldwide Bearings (GWB), quality & customer-satisfaction takes precedence over everything else. We make sure only the best service is provided to our customers with no compromises! Right from selecting the top manufacturers across the globe and multiple quality-checks to the delivery of products, GWB prioritises its customers, providing them with a hassle-free experience at all times!

Though diligent quality-checks are one of GWB’s strongest suits, shipping our products to our customers across the globe with no fuss, remains to be the most crucial aspects of our customer-centric service. To make sure products are delivered to the customers in the most convenient manner, GWB provides them with Consolidated Shipping Facility. This helps our partners and customers from different corners of the world to procure a wide range of products combined in a single shipment. Thus, offering you a smooth and trouble-free shipping experience.

Consolidated shipments of products not only help us optimise our logistics by saving time and reducing costs but also allows our customers on the receiving end to do so. There are many advantages that surround a consolidated shipping process. The most significant of those are:

  • Significant Time & Cost Savings: Many businesses believe this is the most important benefit of consolidation. Not only there are many advantages of consolidation in general, but there are actually multiple ways in which it can save you time and money. Gulf Worldwide Bearings allows you to procure a variety of products in large quantities in a single shipment, making it more profitable due to efficient and effective logistics.
  • Reduced risks of damage: Consolidation uses a method that is not only cost-efficient but also significantly reduces the on-again, off-again handling of the products. With considerably fewer touchpoints, the risks of damaged goods and delayed shipments are majorly reduced.
  • Improved Flexibility & Time Management: GWB’s consolidated shipment facility helps you improve the flexibility of your shipping needs and receive your products in a more timely manner. It fastens your transit times and reduces your wait times.

At GWB, we understand that shipping can be the ‘make’ or ‘break’ point of customer-purchase. Gulf Worldwide Bearings, with its consolidation facility, strives to make the entire process less tedious and more fuss-free for its customers.

The Final Inspection: GWB’s Quality Control Laboratory

Quality control improves the effectiveness and efficiency of a business.

It is meant to protect consumers from the disappointment that arises from defective products.

The quality assessment is generally based on predetermined requirements or standards set by the individual company. At Gulf Worldwide Bearings, we have our own set of quality requirements, in addition to the international standards that our bearings manufacturers follow.

Even though we always source our bearings from the most reliable manufacturers, GWB does not take its responsibilities lightly. We double-check!

Meaning… to further ensure that the bearings meet the required quality level and specifications, GWB’s experts conduct double quality-checks— before importing from the manufacturers AND before shipping the products to end-users.

And for this second tier of the quality inspection, we maintain an in-house examination laboratory. Any bearing that does not meet the standards is separated for reworking instead of being shipped to the end-user.

All the customer’s orders are thoroughly inspected and will not be shipped until GWB’s final inspector has cleared them. This process is also known as pre-shipment inspection, where our specialists put themselves in the customers’ shoes to check if the products meet their general expectations.

Importance of Quality Control Checks Before Shipping

  • The final quality control checks are performed to ensure the bearings’ precision and identify any product defects before shipping.
  • To ensure that the correct bearings are delivered and that their quality reaches the requisite standards. This will also eliminate any possible shipment delays.

What does GWB look for during the Final Quality Check?

  • Product safety: There are safety and health standards that our products need to comply with. Our inspectors will focus on whether or not the bearings are safe for use.
  • Compliance with industry requirements: We ensure that the products meet the industry’s standards and follow specific international and domestic government regulations.
  • Quantity: The number of units or products packed for shipment must match the number in the customers’ ordered.
  • Product specifications: This involves examining the product’s function, workmanship, appearance, size, and other technical specifications.

As these final quality control inspections are performed right before the bearings are shipped, this is the last activity that we will perform before delivery. It is done to improve the customer’s buying experience. With the in-house checks, GWB can keep our pulse on your demands and have sustained awareness of your needs and preferences.

Why are lubricants important?

Early chapters in high school acquainted us with a bunch of fascinating phenomenons. One of those enthralling scientific concepts was Friction- A force that opposes the overall movement of surfaces that slide against one another. While the frictional force helps us do numerous day-to-day activities, like walking, driving, stack things up, and so forth, it likewise presents issues for some machines’ functioning. To such an extent that it’s known as a “Necessary Evil”. Lubrication is what controls this force for a smoother movement between two surfaces in a machine.

The frictional force is proven to cause wear and tear of moving parts in a machine. Therefore, lubrication plays perhaps the most crucial roles in determining the unwavering quality, reliability & life expectancy of a moving machine. Contrary to popular belief that lubrication is simply used to make parts ‘slippery’, it in fact, improves machinery function, efficiency & longevity.

This is made possible by:-

  • Creating a film of lubricant between two interacting surfaces
  • Preventing wear & tear of a machine
  • Ensuring the parts against corrosion
  • Reducing the heat generated due to the speedy movement of the parts
  • Precluding any contaminants that might affect the system

What to look for in a lubricant?

Each moving part of a machine needs to be lubricated for better performance, and there are several factors to consider while choosing a lubricant. It can quickly get overwhelming. There are various application and environmental factors like speed, vibration, load, moisture, temperature, and contaminants. How does the machine that needs lubrication functions, the environment (wet, dry, cold, hot), how often the machine needs to be lubricated, and so on. Responding to all these questions can help you determine the most compatible lubricant for your use.

Likewise, assessing factors like

  • The function of the lubricant
  • Ingredients involved
  • How easy it is to use the lubricant
  • The cost
  • Longevity
  • Its Compatibility with your machine, helps you comprehend your requirements better.

One brand that deals with every one of these components as per your requirements is KYK. KYK offers you a wide range of lubricants and greases that suit your prerequisites. With incredible protection against wear, low exhaust emissions, ability to resist corrosion & oxidation, and extended drain interval, KYK’s high-performance lubricants are designed to operate at higher-than-average temperatures, making them the best lubricants for industrial applications.

Bearings are all around us!

If you were to glance through your room right now, your Fan, the door, or even your air conditioner– you would be looking at more than just a simple kind of machine. You would see appliances with several bearings that give them a machine’s functionality. From home appliances, sliding drawers, to space exploration vehicles, bearings are all around us.

Bearings have been in our lives in numerous ways for years together. Back in the World War days, bearings were an integral part of huge war tanks and army vehicles. In fact, factories that created bearings were supposed to be the most heavily guarded places– since ball bearings were really the foundation for these machines. With that said, if you now have a look at most machines and forms of equipment around you, the chances are that you’ll spot a bearing in each!

While doing our laundry activities, we may notice that the spin-cycle washing machine also works on the same bearings principle!

Our daily home appliances are also put together using bearings. The hinges on most refrigerator doors are made of bearings as well. Electronic products such as laptops may have bearings as a part of their internal structure. And suppose you need to get copies of essential documents. In that case, you may be using a photocopying machine that has bearings that conduct electricity to get the right copied image on the page. Aren’t you fascinated?

Automobiles, too, have internal parts with bearings that are an essential part of their functioning. Bearings are especially important in such machinery and in industrial applications.

Gulf Worldwide Bearings (GWB) is one of the leading manufacturers of a wide range of industrial and automotive bearings. Always committed to bringing out the highest quality of products and services, GWB strives to provide nothing but only premium quality bearings to a wide range of industries.

Bearings at GWB:

  • Are Sourced only from top bearings manufacturers across the globe.
  • Go through high-quality control parameters.

Since bearings are an integral part of machines and appliances all around us, the quality of bearings matters the most. Therefore, by importing from none other than the most renowned manufacturers, GWB makes sure the right products are selected to cater to its clients’ requirements.

The Service Life of a Bearing & Factors That Contribute to It

In industrial production, one of the main questions that companies ask for knowing the shelf-life of their products is – what is the service life of a bearing? The answer lies in the factors that contribute to bearing longevity.

The definition of service life is the life of a bearing under actual operating conditions before it fails or needs to be replaced. That means that the quality of the bearing is of utmost importance. Therefore manufacturers that opt for products from Gulf Worldwide Bearings are always looking to enhance their processes.

Factors that contribute to a Bearing’s Service Life:


Lubrication levels are of utmost importance to the friction of the bearing. If the level is not of the highest standard, heat builds and therefore overheating of the bearing may occur. The important point to note is environmental factors should also be kept in control because they can have a negative effect on lubrication leading to a shorter life of the bearing.

Bearing Load

As an industrial products customer, you would have an idea of the load potential of an application. Therefore, when products such as construction equipment are built, it’s a good idea to keep room for additional bearing weight. This will ensure that bearing lifetime will stay for longer since it can take the pressure of the appliance or product.

Operating Temperatures

Temperature can impact how the bearing fits on to the product and the amount of thermal expansion that occurs. This is, therefore, an important factor that can contribute to the total service life of the bearing.

Bearing Speeds

GWB prides itself in sourcing bearings that match their product requirement. For rotary applications, if bearings are not matched to speed-for-minute measurements or SPM, then the application will wear out quicker. This will impact negatively on the service life of the bearing. 

Being the leader in industrial and automotive bearings, Gulf Worldwide Bearings or GWB has always brought out products that cater to each of the requirements of its customers. Plus, it has ensured that strict quality control is maintained so that the wide variety of bearings that it sources are free from defects.

1)   Every product is checked at the source before bringing it in.

2)   Quality parameters are kept in check with ISO standards maintained.

3)   Inspection reports are drawn up.

4)   If a faulty product is discovered, GWB will not import from that factory.

By maintaining the quality of the bearing, GWB looks to enhance the service life of the products it sources. Therefore clients and customers can be assured of getting the right product that will endure during their industrial processes.

GWB Annual Audits: Keeping Quality in Check!

“Great Companies Are Built on Great Products.”

And great products come with superior quality. At Gulf Worldwide Bearings (GWB), quality takes precedence over everything else. We make sure our promise of providing our customers with the best products is delivered on time, without any bargain!

Being the leading distributor of industrial and automotive bearings in the Middle-East, GWB has endeavoured & succeeded in meeting our customers’ growing demand by offering a wide variety of bearings catering to different requirements. The quality of each product remains exceptional irrespective of their specifications.

At GWB, we source bearings from a selected set of manufacturers, making sure that these are amongst the top bearings manufacturing factories across the world. But…

How Does GWB Keep Quality in Check?

Yearly Audits!

In manufacturing, quality-control is what ensures that customers receive products free from defects to suit their demands. Failure to conduct frequent quality-checks can put consumers at risk & also stain the trust between manufacturers, distributors & their customers.

Keeping this in mind, we at Gulf Worldwide Bearings conduct annual audits to provide our customers with High-Quality products. These yearly audits are conducted based on the factory location, purpose, and capacity. For more than 50 manufacturing factories that are onboard with GWB, these audits are mandatory for all without any exceptions!

We make sure the factories adhere to ISO (International Organisation of Standardisation) procedures to meet our customers’ needs within the statutory & regulatory requirements.

  • Various Quality Parameters are listed, and only products that check all the best boxes are pushed for distribution.
  • Every single product is physically checked at the source twice to ensure that none of the faulty pieces is retained.
  • All the imports are double-checked at Gulf Worldwide Bearings’ labs again.
  • Proper inspection reports are prepared to keep a record of all the products approved.
  • We stop importing from a factory if the products are not up to the mark.

GWB guarantees our customers the finest quality products. The amount of time, effort, and expertise invested in quality-checks make sure only exceptional products are pushed further, By Which we Ensure that the best quality bearings reach our customers!

GWB & KYK: 21 years of growing together

Even though the growth of the bearing market largely depends on the growth of the automotive and industrial sector, we at Gulf Worldwide Bearings FZE, have always strived to remain the Leading Bearings Distributor with the quality of our products, we offer.

KYK Corporation Ltd., formerly known as Yamakei Bearing Ltd. is one of the top companies which GWB has partnered with. KYK’s commitment to Japanese Precision Technology has had us source exceptional quality bearings from them for the past 21 years. Not to mention KYK Bearings’ special features such as low noise and vibration level (Z3V3) and tolerance level similar to ABEC-3 (ABMA standard) and P6 (DIN/ISO) is what makes it a world-renowned brand.

With three decades of its experience in the automotive and industrial bearings industry, GWB (Gulf Worldwide Bearings) has never failed to meet the demands of its customers by offering a wide variety of bearings catering to different quality and value-requirements. To meet these special requirements, we at GWB, make sure that we source the range of products from the right set of manufacturers. KYK Corporation Ltd. is one such manufacturing company that we have partnered with amongst various others.

As the master distributor of KYK Bearings, Gulf Worldwide Bearings Fze has successfully promoted the brand, increasing its sales network and product range (Belts, Greases, Lubricants and Spark Plugs) to establish KYK’s global presence in over 50 countries. GWB and KYK has grown together and has currently made a successful entry into South American and CIS countries.

GWB successfully supplies KYK bearings to following industries Food processing, Wind Power, Commercial vehicles, Cement, Stone Crusher, Agriculture, Marble, Steel, Thermal Power, Mining, Fan, Passenger Vehicles, Escalators, Pumps & Motors, Paper and Railways.

Our top-most priority at Gulf Worldwide Bearings FZE is providing a hassle-free service to our customers and suppliers. Regular quality checks and inspections, Appointment of new distributors across the world to meet requirements of all segments of the industries, delivery of a wide range of products in one shipment, assisting customers to select the best suitable product as per the application provided, arranging the quickest way of delivery through our logistics partners, are only a few efforts that GWB takes in order to stand by our promise of quality and service.

GWB Supply Chain Flow

Over 40 years in the industry, Gulf Worldwide Bearing has developed it’s expertise and knowledge and has successfully provided our customers with best in class array of products. Based in Jebel Ali Free Zone since 1994, we are one of the leading distributors of automotive and industrial bearings in the Middle East. The workflow we follow at GWBRG makes us stand out from our competitors in the industry. All of our distribution centres keep a ready stock of our entire line up of products, to deliver them faster and keep everything systemized. This also helps to eliminate downtime for the end-users and the manufacturing facilities. Not only does this make the entire process more efficient, but it also allows us to cater to the growing demand of our customers, flawlessly.

Gulf Worldwide Bearing believes in providing the best products and hassle-free service to our clientele. We pick the right source of manufacturers who meet our quality check and make no compromises in delivering top-notch quality products. We follow a thorough process and an auditing system to select the manufacturing facilities. This helps us in picking the best ones out of the bunch and provide our clients with guaranteed quality products. We source a variety of products from about 50+ factories spread throughout the world and conduct a yearly inspection on the ground level to check the quality parameters, the working, the location, the ISO procedure to give quality assurance to our clients. GWBRG believes in excellence, and if any of the manufacturers fail to deliver as per schedule, we hold importing from them until assurance is provided for the future shipments. We make sure that the manufacturer it is importing from has an ISO certified management systems.

We operate from a free trade zone which helps us with cash flow advantages by suspending custom import duties, trade levies, quotas and import controls. We build distributor networks for brands by providing custom marketing kits for promotion which include t-shirts, caps, brochures, digital marketing etc. Our outstanding service makes us shine in the industry. We commit, we follow. If there is any problem with the products that we deliver, we make it a priority to replace it until you are satisfied with it.