Bearings are all around us!

If you were to glance through your room right now, your Fan, the door, or even your air conditioner– you would be looking at more than just a simple kind of machine. You would see appliances with several bearings that give them a machine’s functionality. From home appliances, sliding drawers, to space exploration vehicles, bearings are all around us.

Bearings have been in our lives in numerous ways for years together. Back in the World War days, bearings were an integral part of huge war tanks and army vehicles. In fact, factories that created bearings were supposed to be the most heavily guarded places– since ball bearings were really the foundation for these machines. With that said, if you now have a look at most machines and forms of equipment around you, the chances are that you’ll spot a bearing in each!

While doing our laundry activities, we may notice that the spin-cycle washing machine also works on the same bearings principle!

Our daily home appliances are also put together using bearings. The hinges on most refrigerator doors are made of bearings as well. Electronic products such as laptops may have bearings as a part of their internal structure. And suppose you need to get copies of essential documents. In that case, you may be using a photocopying machine that has bearings that conduct electricity to get the right copied image on the page. Aren’t you fascinated?

Automobiles, too, have internal parts with bearings that are an essential part of their functioning. Bearings are especially important in such machinery and in industrial applications.

Gulf Worldwide Bearings (GWB) is one of the leading manufacturers of a wide range of industrial and automotive bearings. Always committed to bringing out the highest quality of products and services, GWB strives to provide nothing but only premium quality bearings to a wide range of industries.

Bearings at GWB:

  • Are Sourced only from top bearings manufacturers across the globe.
  • Go through high-quality control parameters.

Since bearings are an integral part of machines and appliances all around us, the quality of bearings matters the most. Therefore, by importing from none other than the most renowned manufacturers, GWB makes sure the right products are selected to cater to its clients’ requirements.