KINEX Bearings is one of the leading European Bearing Manufacturers worldwide having experience of over 60 years in bearing production and engineering. They supply high quality standard and special rolling bearings for various industrial applications.
Gulf Worldwide Bearings FZE is the Exclusive Distributor of KINEX brand bearings for the markets of the Indian Sub-Continent, Middle East and Africa.

Please more information about company and its product, please contact GWB office.

KYK Corporation Ltd. & Gulf Worldwide Bearings FZE has been strongly associated with each other more than 25 years. With strategic collaboration and ISO Certified Systems in place, we have successfully promoted KYK Brand, increasing the sales network to establish a global presence.

For further assistance, please feel free to contact Gulf Worldwide Bearings FZE, Sole Distributors of KYK Brand Bearings.

LYC Bearing Corporation is one of China’s largest and most well-known manufacturers of bearings. Established in 1954; the company is currently operating 24 individual factories, producing over 10,000 different kinds of bearings.
D-TEC Bearings is the flagship Value for Money Brand of Gulf Worldwide Bearings FZE. The bearings are manufactured in ISO Certified Factories in China and India with design conformity of ABEC-1 quality parameters and cover a constantly expanding range of products.
Gulf Worldwide Bearings FZE is the owner and sole distributor worldwide for D-TEC Brand bearings. We have obtained EN ISO 9001:2008 certification specifically for the Distribution, Manufacturing (Outsourced) and Quality Inspection of D-TEC Brand Bearings.

Further information about D-TEC Bearings can be obtained by contacting GWB Offices.

URB is the name of high precision, large rated moving load, and high maximum rotation speed. At URB by adopting the new technology of material processing has successfully manufactured bearings of long service life that are highly fatigue resistance and impact resistant.

Further information about URB Bearings can be obtained by contacting GWB Offices.
ZKL Group is one of the most well-known bearing manufacturers in Europe, selling under the ZKL Brand name all over the world. They have 3 manufacturing facilities located in Czech Republic. Quality is synonymous with ZKL, and the company successfully supplies to some of the largest Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) internationally.

Gulf Worldwide Bearings FZE is the official Authorized Distributor of ZKL Brand Bearings in the Middle East, Africa and surrounding areas; where the brand name is historically popular and remains so till this day.