GWB Annual Audits: Keeping Quality in Check!

“Great Companies Are Built on Great Products.”

And great products come with superior quality. At Gulf Worldwide Bearings (GWB), quality takes precedence over everything else. We make sure our promise of providing our customers with the best products is delivered on time, without any bargain!

Being the leading distributor of industrial and automotive bearings in the Middle-East, GWB has endeavoured & succeeded in meeting our customers’ growing demand by offering a wide variety of bearings catering to different requirements. The quality of each product remains exceptional irrespective of their specifications.

At GWB, we source bearings from a selected set of manufacturers, making sure that these are amongst the top bearings manufacturing factories across the world. But…

How Does GWB Keep Quality in Check?

Yearly Audits!

In manufacturing, quality-control is what ensures that customers receive products free from defects to suit their demands. Failure to conduct frequent quality-checks can put consumers at risk & also stain the trust between manufacturers, distributors & their customers.

Keeping this in mind, we at Gulf Worldwide Bearings conduct annual audits to provide our customers with High-Quality products. These yearly audits are conducted based on the factory location, purpose, and capacity. For more than 50 manufacturing factories that are onboard with GWB, these audits are mandatory for all without any exceptions!

We make sure the factories adhere to ISO (International Organisation of Standardisation) procedures to meet our customers’ needs within the statutory & regulatory requirements.

  • Various Quality Parameters are listed, and only products that check all the best boxes are pushed for distribution.
  • Every single product is physically checked at the source twice to ensure that none of the faulty pieces is retained.
  • All the imports are double-checked at Gulf Worldwide Bearings’ labs again.
  • Proper inspection reports are prepared to keep a record of all the products approved.
  • We stop importing from a factory if the products are not up to the mark.

GWB guarantees our customers the finest quality products. The amount of time, effort, and expertise invested in quality-checks make sure only exceptional products are pushed further, By Which we Ensure that the best quality bearings reach our customers!