GWB Supply Chain Flow

Over 40 years in the industry, Gulf Worldwide Bearing has developed it’s expertise and knowledge and has successfully provided our customers with best in class array of products. Based in Jebel Ali Free Zone since 1994, we are one of the leading distributors of automotive and industrial bearings in the Middle East. The workflow we follow at GWBRG makes us stand out from our competitors in the industry. All of our distribution centres keep a ready stock of our entire line up of products, to deliver them faster and keep everything systemized. This also helps to eliminate downtime for the end-users and the manufacturing facilities. Not only does this make the entire process more efficient, but it also allows us to cater to the growing demand of our customers, flawlessly.

Gulf Worldwide Bearing believes in providing the best products and hassle-free service to our clientele. We pick the right source of manufacturers who meet our quality check and make no compromises in delivering top-notch quality products. We follow a thorough process and an auditing system to select the manufacturing facilities. This helps us in picking the best ones out of the bunch and provide our clients with guaranteed quality products. We source a variety of products from about 50+ factories spread throughout the world and conduct a yearly inspection on the ground level to check the quality parameters, the working, the location, the ISO procedure to give quality assurance to our clients. GWBRG believes in excellence, and if any of the manufacturers fail to deliver as per schedule, we hold importing from them until assurance is provided for the future shipments. We make sure that the manufacturer it is importing from has an ISO certified management systems.

We operate from a free trade zone which helps us with cash flow advantages by suspending custom import duties, trade levies, quotas and import controls. We build distributor networks for brands by providing custom marketing kits for promotion which include t-shirts, caps, brochures, digital marketing etc. Our outstanding service makes us shine in the industry. We commit, we follow. If there is any problem with the products that we deliver, we make it a priority to replace it until you are satisfied with it.