Agriculture Industry

Bearings for Agriculture industry are required in countries where Farming is still a major component of their industry. Operating conditions, prevalence of extreme temperatures, corrosive environments and type of machinery determine the types of bearings required. GWB offers a large range of Agriculture specific bearings; usable in Machinery, Vehicles and ancillary equipment. We are focused on this industry as it represents a growing market for our brands; and continuously develop new products for this industry.

Bearings offered include:

Automotive Industry

The Automotive Industry is growing year to year; and is one of the most dynamic industries for bearing supply. Every year, there are new cars with even higher technology entering the market; and this trend looks to continue. GWB has focused on developing Bearings and Ancillary Products for this industry; and constantly adds newer items every year to keep pace with new Vehicles.

We offer quality products suitable to:

– Passenger Vehicles – Trucks / Buses / Trailers – 2 and 3 Wheelers – Material Handling Equipment

Bearings offered include:

Steel Industry

The Steel Industry is one of the largest industries worldwide, and with constant infrastructure development it is one of the most important industries for growth globally. Bearings have a multitude of applications in Steel Plants; and depending on usage; operate under heavy loads, harsh environments and critical areas. GWB is extremely confident in the quality of bearings offered for this industry. It is one of our most used application; and we work together with our Suppliers to constantly improve the performance of our bearings under these conditions. Our bearings support the stable operation of equipment under the toughest conditions.

Types of Steel Industries:

Paper Industry

The Paper Industry is growing rapidly all over the world, as the requirement of Packaging and Paper products continues to outpace the supply. Factories related to the paper industry are developing in each country as the logistics cost associated with movement of Paper Products are high. This makes Bearings for Paper Industry a requirement in all countries; and continuous growth is expected in this industry. GWB offers the best quality of bearings for the Paper Industry which are specifically manufactured to work at the highest efficiency ensuring reduced downtime for Machines and Equipment. We will continue to enhance the reliability of our bearings and ensure productivity improvements for our customers.

Mining Industry

The Mining Sector operates under the harshest of conditions, with prevalence of extreme temperatures, heavy loads and dust/debris in the environment. Bearings for this industry are required to be robust and need to operate successfully under this situation. The bearings in mining machinery operate at various speeds and sometimes for 24 hours a day. GWB is working very closely with manufacturers to offer bearings that are suitable for this industry. We ensure that the appropriate guarantees are provided to the user; and focus on the reduction of downtime in mining machinery and equipment. Bearings offered under this industry are of the highest quality and performance capability.

Construction Industry

This is one of the most obvious industries where heavy machinery and equipment are utilized on a daily basis. Infrastructure development is happening across the world. There is a vast variety of bearings utilized in the Construction Industry; and the applications are wide. GWB has ready-stock availability for most sizes that are utilized in Construction Industry Equipment. We endeavor to reduce the downtime for our customers; and ensure that the suitable bearing is utilized in the correct application.

Crusher Industry

Stone Crushing is an integral part of infrastructure development. The operating conditions are extremely harsh with presence of heavy dust/debris, high temperatures and machine vibration. The equipment utilized for crushing are very reliant on the bearing and failure can cause massive damage to the machinery. GWB has a team catering exclusively to this Industry; we are directly working with Users to get constant feedback on how to improve the performance and reliability of our Crusher Bearings. We share this information with our suppliers to ensure that continuous improvements are incorporated in the manufacturing process to offer appropriate guarantees to customers.

Pump and Motor Industry

Pump & Motor Machines have applications in various industries. These industries have varied operating conditions; over ground & underground; over and under water; clean and dirty environments etc. The speed of motor along with lubrication are very important in determining the bearings to be utilized in the machinery. GWB offers bearings that can be used in High-Speed Motors and Pumps successfully; and with grease as per requirement. Noise and Vibration levels (Z3V3) are carefully monitored, to ensure that the performance of the bearing is at its peak when the machine is operational. Special bearings are also available for this industry suitable to specific environments.

Cement Industry

Cement is one of the most important building materials in the world; and the ever growing demand means that machines and equipment related to this Industry are in constant utilization and operating under very challenging conditions. Bearings have to withstand heavy loads, severe temperatures, high vibration and operate under dusty surroundings. GWB has developed bearings especially suited to operate under these difficult conditions and for applications that are specific to this Industry. These bearings are manufactured to provide longer than normal operating life. Apart from special items, this industry requires a vast range of normal items which we endeavor to provide from ready-stock.

Fan Industry

Developing nations have a continuously rising demand for Fans & blowers. In Asian Countries, each room in housing developments are fitted with a Ceiling Fan. The quality of fans is also improving as manufacturers require bearings that operate with very low noise, vibration and long life-spans. GWB offers Z3V3 bearings filled with special grease to ensure reliability in this application. These bearings come with performance guarantees and are offered in large/bulk quantities as per packing requirement.

Food Industry

One of the most important industries worldwide; Food plants operate under strict hygiene and municipal controls. With advanced machinery utilized across various food industry applications, the bearing requirement is vast in variety and type. Standard and non-standard bearings are required, often times with special grease. Besides standard types, GWB also offers specially designed Stainless Steel Bearings (Grade 440) which are effective in this industry. We understand the operating conditions and ensure these bearings can withstand heavy water-loads, high temperatures under steamy conditions, and corrosive fluids.

Ceramic Industry

Ceramic industry refers to products that are manufactured using clay based materials. The ceramic itself has to have high corrosion resistance; and is used a host of other ancillary industries (dinnerware, medical equipment, technological products). Bearings used in this industry must withstand harsh working conditions, heavy loads and vibration. GWB is well-aware of the types of machines used in this industry and works closely with its manufacturers to ensure that bearings applied in these machines are designed to withstand the high temperatures, dust and loads for longer life so as to minimize down-time.

Crane, Hoist & Escalator Industry

Crane & Hoist industries mainly use large-sized bearings designed to endure heavy loads. Infrastructure development is largely dependent on heavy machinery to ensure efficient and rapid completion of projects. Escalator Industry is fast becoming prevalent in all commercial structures (malls, airports, hotels, offices) and require bearings that operate continuously and are easy to maintain. GWB has available all kinds of bearings suitable to these applications, and ensures the reliability and effective performance of the products. We understand the requirements of this industry very well and constantly work to improve the quality of our products.

Power Industry

Thermal Energy is currently the most prevalent Power Source in most developing nations, consuming fossil fuels and working under extreme heated temperatures and severe conditions. The bearings utilized in Thermal Power Plants are required to be extra durable; of the highest quality, and able to withstand heavy pressure. Wind Energy and other environmentally friendly Power Generation methods are fast becoming more and more commonplace and expected to contribute greater energy to the World in the coming years. Special bearings are utilized in these Plants, with each equipment and machinery having varying speed, load and design requirements. GWB is working very closely with manufacturers to design bearings that are specific to the application in Power Industry, both Thermal and Wind. We offer the highest quality of products and ensure that bearing designs are matched to the user’s machine design. The bearings offer longevity under high speed, load and extreme working conditions.

Railway Industry

Railways is one of the most critical industries where bearings are utilized as People’s lives are at risk in-case of any major failure. The bearings used are of special quality, design and come with appropriate guarantees. A variety of bearings are used in this industry, require consistent maintenance, and must be changed regularly based on the distances travelled. GWB is the official distributor of approved suppliers to some of the fastest and most reliable railway networks worldwide (Deutsche Bahn, HSR); and can offer a large assortment of bearings that are manufactured for various applications within this industry.

Textile Industry

The Textile Industry is mainly prevalent in Asia and the Middle East; with round-the-clock manufacturing of cloth and by-products using machinery that operates at high speeds. The bearings have to operate at super-high rotational speeds (over 100,000rpm), the load is relatively light, however dimensional accuracy is of paramount importance to ensure high quality output effectiveness. GWB is well-aware of the bearings utilized in this industry, and the requirements of speed and efficiency are taken into careful consideration when offering the bearings to our customers. We are the official distributor of the #1 Textile Bearing manufacture in the World.

Aerospace Industry

The Aerospace Industry requires the highest quality products; safety is the #1 priority and a great amount of R&D, inspections and technical discussions take place before any production is undertaken. Bearings for this industry are made using special material and precision manufacturing processes which follow strict standards of international governing bodies. GWB has the ability to co-ordinate with Aerospace Engineering Teams and offer solutions depending on their precise requirement. We are the official Distributor of one of the few Aerospace Bearing Manufacturers in the World.

Marine Industry

The Marine Industry uses bearings that operate under very different conditions (underwater) that normal products; and requires special consideration in material and performance reliability. The bearings work under cold temperatures (sea-water), and need to be non-corrosive in nature. GWB understand the complexities of this industry and works together with the engineering department of Maintenance Crews and OEM’s to supply products that are specifically suited to the marine application.

Engineering Industry

Bearings are used in all machinery. Every machine that is part of an engineering company requires our products. GWB endeavors to keep more than 4000+ variants of bearings in ready-stock at all times in our Master Warehouse in Jebel Ali. Each successive year, we add 500 variants to our capacity. We also offer an additional 1000+ Types of bearings which are manufactured as per specifications depending on the engineering industry. These are available on demand and can be produced within 60-120 days depending on application. Whatever your industry, wherever the factory is located, GWB has the ability to deliver the bearings that suit your engineering application in the fastest possible time and with quality guarantee.