Deep groove ball bearings

The most common type of bearing, deep groove ball bearings is widely used in a variety of fields. Deep groove ball bearings include shield bearings and sealed bearings with grease enabling easier usage. Deep groove ball bearings also include bearings with a locating snap-ring to facilitate positioning when mounting the outer ring. These types of bearings supports radial load on both directions. Deep groove ball bearings are also classified into Thin series, Light series, Medium series and Heavy series ball bearings.  

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Angular Contact Bearing

Angular contact ball bearings

Angular contact ball bearings unite point of contact of the inner ring, ball and the outer ring runs at a certain angle (contact angle) in the radial direction. Bearings are generally designed with three contact angles. Angular contact ball bearings can support an axial load, but cannot be used as single bearing because of the contact angle. They must instead be used in pairs or in combinations. Angular contact ball bearings include double row angular contact ball bearings for which the inner and outer rings are combined as a single unit. The contact angle of double row angular contact ball bearings is 25°. These types support certain amount of combined loads.

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Cylindrical roller bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings use rollers for rolling elements, and therefore have a high load capacity. The rollers are guided by the ribs of the inner or outer ring. The inner and outer rings can be separated to facilitate assembly, and both can be fitted with shaft or housing tightly. If there are no ribs, either the inner or the outer ring can move freely in the axial direction. Cylindrical roller bearings are of different types, like N, NU, NJ, NUP, NF depending upon the construction of inner and outer rings. Cylindrical roller bearings are designed with multiple row rollers and full compliment rollers without cage depending on the applications. These bearings are suitable for heavy radial and impact loading and are appropriate for high speed applications.

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Tapered Roller bearings

Tapered roller bearings

Tapper roller bearings are designed such that the outer ring, inner ring and the rollers have tapered surfaces whose apexes converge at a common point on the bearing axis. Tapper rollers are available in metric as well as inch dimensions most commonly called as metric series and inch series . Tapper rollers are available in Single, Double and four row, these type of bearings are suitable for Heavy and Impact load application and can take both radial and axial load simultaneously.

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Spherical roller bearings

Spherical roller bearings

Spherical roller bearings are equipped with an outer ring with a spherical raceway surface and an inner ring which holds two rows of barrel shaped rolling elements, spherical roller bearings are able to adjust center alignment to handle inclination of the axle or shaft. There are varieties of bearing types that differ according to internal design. Spherical roller bearings with an inner ring with a tapered bore are denoted with suffix K. The bearing can easily be mounted on a shaft by means of an adapter or withdrawal sleeve. The bearing is capable of supporting heavy loads, and is therefore often used in industrial machinery. Gages for these bearings are of both steel and brass depending on the applications.

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Thurst Bearings

Thrust bearings

Thrust bearings are classified in accordance to the rolling elements they contain and generally the allowable rotational speed is very low. Thrust ball bearing with single row is called as single
direction Thrust ball bearings and can take axial load in one direction, whereas Thrust ball bearing with double row is called as double direction Thrust ball  bearings and can take axial load from both directions. Thrust bearings with rollers as rolling element can accommodate a certain amount of radial load along with axial loads.

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Balll bearing Units

Ball Bearing unit

A ball bearing unit is comprised of a ball bearing inserted into various types of housings. The housing can be bolted onto machinery and the inner ring can be easily mounted on the shaft with a set screw. This means the bearing unit can support rotating equipment without special design to allow for mounting. A variety of standardized housing shapes is available, including pillow and flange types. The outer diameter of the bearing is spherical just like the inner diameter of the housing, so it capable of aligning itself on the shaft.

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