The Final Inspection: GWB’s Quality Control Laboratory

Quality control improves the effectiveness and efficiency of a business.

It is meant to protect consumers from the disappointment that arises from defective products.

The quality assessment is generally based on predetermined requirements or standards set by the individual company. At Gulf Worldwide Bearings, we have our own set of quality requirements, in addition to the international standards that our bearings manufacturers follow.

Even though we always source our bearings from the most reliable manufacturers, GWB does not take its responsibilities lightly. We double-check!

Meaning… to further ensure that the bearings meet the required quality level and specifications, GWB’s experts conduct double quality-checks— before importing from the manufacturers AND before shipping the products to end-users.

And for this second tier of the quality inspection, we maintain an in-house examination laboratory. Any bearing that does not meet the standards is separated for reworking instead of being shipped to the end-user.

All the customer’s orders are thoroughly inspected and will not be shipped until GWB’s final inspector has cleared them. This process is also known as pre-shipment inspection, where our specialists put themselves in the customers’ shoes to check if the products meet their general expectations.

Importance of Quality Control Checks Before Shipping

  • The final quality control checks are performed to ensure the bearings’ precision and identify any product defects before shipping.
  • To ensure that the correct bearings are delivered and that their quality reaches the requisite standards. This will also eliminate any possible shipment delays.

What does GWB look for during the Final Quality Check?

  • Product safety: There are safety and health standards that our products need to comply with. Our inspectors will focus on whether or not the bearings are safe for use.
  • Compliance with industry requirements: We ensure that the products meet the industry’s standards and follow specific international and domestic government regulations.
  • Quantity: The number of units or products packed for shipment must match the number in the customers’ ordered.
  • Product specifications: This involves examining the product’s function, workmanship, appearance, size, and other technical specifications.

As these final quality control inspections are performed right before the bearings are shipped, this is the last activity that we will perform before delivery. It is done to improve the customer’s buying experience. With the in-house checks, GWB can keep our pulse on your demands and have sustained awareness of your needs and preferences.