Why are lubricants important?

Early chapters in high school acquainted us with a bunch of fascinating phenomenons. One of those enthralling scientific concepts was Friction- A force that opposes the overall movement of surfaces that slide against one another. While the frictional force helps us do numerous day-to-day activities, like walking, driving, stack things up, and so forth, it likewise presents issues for some machines’ functioning. To such an extent that it’s known as a “Necessary Evil”. Lubrication is what controls this force for a smoother movement between two surfaces in a machine.

The frictional force is proven to cause wear and tear of moving parts in a machine. Therefore, lubrication plays perhaps the most crucial roles in determining the unwavering quality, reliability & life expectancy of a moving machine. Contrary to popular belief that lubrication is simply used to make parts ‘slippery’, it in fact, improves machinery function, efficiency & longevity.

This is made possible by:-

  • Creating a film of lubricant between two interacting surfaces
  • Preventing wear & tear of a machine
  • Ensuring the parts against corrosion
  • Reducing the heat generated due to the speedy movement of the parts
  • Precluding any contaminants that might affect the system

What to look for in a lubricant?

Each moving part of a machine needs to be lubricated for better performance, and there are several factors to consider while choosing a lubricant. It can quickly get overwhelming. There are various application and environmental factors like speed, vibration, load, moisture, temperature, and contaminants. How does the machine that needs lubrication functions, the environment (wet, dry, cold, hot), how often the machine needs to be lubricated, and so on. Responding to all these questions can help you determine the most compatible lubricant for your use.

Likewise, assessing factors like

  • The function of the lubricant
  • Ingredients involved
  • How easy it is to use the lubricant
  • The cost
  • Longevity
  • Its Compatibility with your machine, helps you comprehend your requirements better.

One brand that deals with every one of these components as per your requirements is KYK. KYK offers you a wide range of lubricants and greases that suit your prerequisites. With incredible protection against wear, low exhaust emissions, ability to resist corrosion & oxidation, and extended drain interval, KYK’s high-performance lubricants are designed to operate at higher-than-average temperatures, making them the best lubricants for industrial applications.