Widespread delivery, thanks to the excellent distribution strategy!

In today’s digitally connected age, the world seems to be getting closer day by day. There are products that are made to cater to the needs of industries and engineering companies, but these products are all meant to have a ‘globally accepted’ standard of quality. From products that are crafted to the machinery used to create them, all the way down to the kind of bearings, belts, greases and Lubricants used in the machinery for its smooth functioning – all this must keep a high standard of quality and be made available for companies across the globe.

This is where the strength of a widespread distribution network helps. With organizations such as Gulf Worldwide Bearings (GWB) and others, the most critical focus for bearings, belts, greases and lubricants manufacturers is ensuring that a line-up of products is made available easily and without hassles when deliveries are to be done outside the country.

By having distribution centres in China, India and the UAE, Gulf Worldwide Bearings have the advantage of bringing expertise and knowledge to their delivery network. The centres of distribution have a huge range of products that GWB imports. Since their headquarters are in the Jebel Ali Free Zone since 1994, they are one of the leading distributors of automotive and industrial bearings in the Middle East.

What makes for a leading distributor?

  • Massive stock of products available
  • Systemized production and distribution channel
  • Reduced downtime for deliveries across the globe
  • An efficient process for getting bearings delivered to industrial and
  • manufacturing companies in different countries

How does GWB maintain quality in the products (bearings, belts, greases and lubricants) it imports?

  • Ground-level work is done when selecting factories to produce and import bearings from
  • Factories that meet ISO requirements, quality parameters and location requirements in accordance with distribution are taken up as partners by GWB.
  • A wide range of products are brought out by GWB, and factories are audited on a yearly basis.
  • Distributors are provided with certification, and quality checks are done to provide assurance to purchasing companies and industrial requirements.
  • New distributors are added across the world.
  • A wide range of products can be made available in one shipment. So customers get the advantage of selecting products according to their requirement.
  • The logistics partners for GWB are hand-picked to ensure that quality service is maintained at every location.

Therefore, as an organization looking to bring in high-quality products in any part of the world, Gulf Worldwide Bearings can be a strong distribution partner.

Stationed at essential locations in China, India and the UAE, its distribution strategy ensures that products can reach your factories or industrial organization on-time, with relatively fewer hassles.